Walk A Mile, Feed The World Walk-A-Thon 2018


Tips for Raising Money

Ask everyone you meet to support your Walk! Ask them for $10 or $20 - small amounts can make a difference! Ask not only your co-workers, family and friends, but your hair dresser or barber, mail carrier, kids' teachers, clients, baker, favorite store owners and others you interact with regularly.   You will receive full credit for each pledge!  Spread the word, because the top 2 pledge walkers will win a prize!!


How can people pledge your walk?

Personal Fundraising Page:

A fundraising page has been created for you to share with friends and family. You can personalize it and share this using the social media outlets indicated.

Event Page Donations:

If you do not wish to use the Personal Fundraising Page, pledges can be made in your name under the “Participant Listing” link on the main event home page.

Collect Donations In-Person:

If someone is unable to make the pledge online, you can certainly collect it personally from them (Checks made payable to WWLM).  Below, we've attached a Pledge Tracker Form to help you keep track of pledges received.  You can print additional copies if necessary and bring the completed form(s), along with funds collected, to the check-in table on event day.

2018 WAT Pledge Tracker Chart

Sample Solicitation Letter:

As an additional help, we’ve also attached a sample ‘letter’ that you can use to mail and/or e-mail as an invite to pledge your walk.

2018 Pledge Solicit Sample Letter





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